#TBT (September 2016) ===== - Dun dun DUNNN... ~ The Tarp! ~ - Folks! This session took place a week after the pallet session. I usually confirm the previous session before beginning a new one. So here, we're starting with walking on the pallets. Only this time I'm on the side. The tarp was actually just a piece of cake for BlackPearl. And believe me or not. It was his first time walking over. (I have tried before but he kept bolting away). So it's never a bad thing tu postpone some stuff, so long as you focus on your objectives. I always start with leading my horse through the tough parts. But ultimately I always end up walking WITH him - not leading, not pushing. That's how you get yourself a partner. I also like stopping him and backing him when he's ready. Just to build up his confidence to add something new to him. Hope you enjoy this little video. Credit (music): Matti Paalanen — #BPnJaL #BlackPearlHorse #painthorse #tobiano #naturalhorsemanship #horsevideo #BPnJaLVideo #pony #horseplanet #horsetraining

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C’est bien ça 🙂👍essaye un arceau avec des drapeaux et papiers accrochés tout autour 👍



@mipandamimorue à mon ancienne écurie, elles sont entrain de construire un parcours d'extrême trail.